12th Std Maths - State Board (2024-25)

12th Std Maths - State Board Course for the Academic Year : 2024-25 is very important for students appearing for 12th Std Maths - State Board Exams

Instructor: REVATHI - CV ACADEMYLanguage: Tamil & English (Bilingual)

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12th Std Maths - State Board Course is very important for students appearing for 12th Std Maths - State Board Exams. You can learn at your own Pace from any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lectures and and score full marks in Maths 12th std State Board Exam.

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Chapter 1 : Applications of Matrices and Determinants

Introduction - Inverse of a Non-Singular Square Matrix - Elementary Transformations of a Matrix - Applications of Matrices: Solving System of Linear Equations - Applications of Matrices: Consistency of system of linear equations by rank method.

Chapter 2 : Complex Numbers

Introduction - Complex Numbers - Basic Algebraic Properties of Complex Numbers -Conjugate of a Complex Number - Modulus of a Complex Number - Geometry and Locus of Complex Numbers - Polar and Euler form of a Complex Number - de Moivre’s Theorem and its Applications.

Chapter 3 : Theory of Equations

Introduction - Basics of Polynomial Equations - Vieta’s Formulae and Formation of Polynomial Equations - Nature of Roots and Nature of Coefficients of Polynomial Equations - Applications of Polynomial Equation in Geometry - Roots of Higher Degree Polynomial Equations - Polynomials with Additional Information - Polynomial Equations with no additional information - Descartes Rule.

Chapter 4 : Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Introduction - Some Fundamental Concepts - Sine Function and Inverse Sine Function -The Cosine Function and Inverse Cosine Function - The Tangent Function and the Inverse Tangent Function - The Cosecant Function and the Inverse Cosecant Function -The Secant Function and Inverse Secant Function - The Cotangent Function and the Inverse Cotangent Function - Principal Value of Inverse Trigonometric Functions -Properties of Inverse Trigonometric Functions.

Chapter 5 : Two Dimensional Analytical Geometry-II

Introduction - Circle - Conics - Conic Sections - Parametric form of Conics - Tangents and Normals to Conics - Real life Applications of Conics.

Chapter 6 : Applications of Vector Algebra

Introduction - Geometric Introduction to Vectors - Scalar Product and Vector Product -Scalar triple product - Vector triple product - Jacobi’s Identity and Lagrange’s Identity -Application of Vectors to 3-Dimensional Geometry - Different forms of Equation of a plane - Image of a point in a plane - Meeting point of a line and a plane.

Chapter 7 : Applications of Differential Calculus

Introduction - Meaning of Derivatives - Mean Value Theorem - Series Expansions -Indeterminate Forms - Applications of First Derivative - Applications of Second Derivative - Applications in Optimization - Symmetry and Asymptotes - Sketching of Curves.

Chapter 8 : Differentials and Partial Derivatives

Introduction - Linear Approximation and Differentials - Functions of Several Variables - Limit and Continuity of Functions of Two Variables - Partial Derivatives - Linear Approximation and Differential of a Function of Several Variables.

Chapter 9 : Applications of Integration

Introduction - Definite Integral as the Limit of a Sum - Fundamental Theorems of Integral Calculus and their Applications - Bernoulli’s Formula - Improper Integrals -Reduction Formulae - Gamma Integral - Evaluation of Bounded Plane Area by Integration - Volume of a Solid obtained by Revolving Area about an Axis.

Chapter 10 : Ordinary Differential Equations

Introduction - Differential Equation, Order, and Degree - Classification of Differential Equations - Formation of Differential Equations - Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations - Solution of First Order and First Degree Differential Equations - First Order Linear Differential Equations - Applications of First Order Ordinary Differential Equations.

Chapter 11 : Probability Distributions

Introduction - Random Variable - Types of Random Variable - Continuous Distributions -Mathematical Expectation - Theoretical Distributions: Some Special Discrete Distributions.

Chapter 12 : Discrete Mathematics

Introduction - Binary Operations - Mathematical Logic.

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